Brazilian Propolis.HIGH in Flavonoids 8.3 mg/mL,Artepillin-C 7.9 mg/ml,Wax-Free.Alcohol-Free,Limited Pre-Order Sale!

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Produced in Brazil, Imported to USA

by Smmart - SuperMicroMart com of Network Force Corp

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- with the HIGHEST level all-natural precious "Green Gold": Artepillin-C & Flavonoids (>30mg/mL each).

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Product/Brand Name: Propomax® by Apis Flora®

- Apis Flora® is 1 of the earliest, largest & famous propolis manufacturers trusted in the country, with over 6000 point of sale in Brazil - GMP/ISO9001/SIF certified! Quality & Safety are guaranteed!

- Examined & Certified by Brazil government prior to each import.

- FDA Registered upon entry to USA

From Apis Flora®: "PROPOMAX® is made with propolis extract 100% green, obtained by the exclusive Apis Flora technology, which keeps the high concentration of bioactives in an alcohol-free product." Propomax® is wax free

For orders shipped outside of the United States, the recipient is the importer of record, responsible for import taxes/duties etc of the destination country (Except shipping to China, where we can pay for all duties with larger orders). Normally small orders with only a few bottles for personal use should not have any issues with the customs clearance.

DISCLAIMER required by law: "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease"

Product Features

Pre-Order (30 days wait time) Special! Not the same propolis! This one is an imported authentic Brazilian Propolis, and is the special "GREEN" Propolis - the BEST and most effective kind in the world! In the original Brazilian packaging with Guaranteed Top Quality. Produced by famous Apis Flora of Brazil - GMP/ISO9001/SIF certified, with superior assurance of Safety and Quality. Standard Strength, Wax-Free,Alcohol-Free, with HIGH Flovonoids contents at 8mg/mL, PLUS the precious Artepillin-C at 7.9 mg/ml. ONLY AUTHENTIC Brazilian propolis has the highly-sought-after Artepillin-C. "Green" Propolis with Artepillinc-C, produced in Brazil: the propolis obtained from Baccharis dracunculifolia, a plant native to Brazil, presents a high content of Artepillin-C and is the most valuable type of "green" propolis on earth, aka "Green Gold", a precious treasure of Nature, a perfect GIFT of HEALTH to you/your loved ones. Propolis is NOT a drug (not designed to treat as a drug). Instead, Brazilian Green Propolis (containing powerful & unique Bioactive Natural Nutrients) naturally boosts our body's defense (Immune System) and promotes healthy body functions across the board. As a result, our body can function much better in coping with many kinds of health issues and tough diseases. A copy of COA (Certificate of Analysis) is already provided, by Apis Flora - the original Brazilian manufacturer. Many propolis products on the market (falsely claiming Ultra High Purity) don't come with a COA, or might NOT have a clear count of Flavonoids or Artepillin-C in the propolis... which are the most valuable main Active Ingredients in Brazilian "Green" Propolis.

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